Sefa, a young bullock, is approximately 11 years old. It is not yet clear who he will choose as his best “buddy”: he changes his friends frequently and can often be seen with the other young males Kiri, Lino and Rani. Puberty is an extremely exciting phase of development, as males will select a friend who – according to a study conducted in Shark Bay, Australia – will stay with them for life. Who will Sefa chose? Our assumption is that in the Red Sea, two bulls form a group of four together with another two “buddies” – a so-called alliance.

We need to collect data over a long period of time in order to verify this hypothesis. Sefa is very trusting and inquisitive and will swim up very close to divers and swimmers. During the mating season, he occasionally reacts aggressively towards people, particularly those who have cameras on them. On the other hand, he can sometimes accompany a diver for up to one hour, almost becoming “attached” to the person. Sefa really is a very unusual dolphin with a high profile.

Patendelfin Sefa
Das Männchen Sefa ist ca. 11 Jahre alt
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