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The dolphins of the Egyptian Red Sea around the El Gouna - Hurghada region are part of the Terra X show on Dirk Steffens serial "Rätselhafte Phänomene - Diamantenfieber und sprechende Pflanzen". Once again our cordial thanks goes upon the whole team and everyone else involved.

The movie may available to view on the ZDF-Mediathek until 26.04.2030

ZDF Mediathek: https://www.zdf.de/dokumentation/terra-x/raetselhafte-phaenomene-diamantenfieber-und-sprechende-pflanzen-mit-dirk-steffens-100.html

2 Dolphins social grooming
Terra X Crew and DWA
Terra X and Angela
Crew Terra X and DWA
Disneynature Diving with Dolphins

We are very proud to announce the first streaming of the first streaming of the movie "Dolphin Reef" and the making of "diving with dolphins" now on #DisneyPlus channel.
Dolphin Watch Alliance was involved in the making of the movie in the Egyptian Red Sea with the Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins who are the "superstars" - thank you all who made it happen and special thanks to the amazing team at this time !!

Don't miss these two movies and take the chance to "dive" into two completely different wonderful worlds! Our team wishes you a lot of strength, trust and especially good health for the current deeply moved time - stay safe !!

Angela with Dolphin

Dolphin Watch Alliances Angela Ziltener during the work at the making of for the DisneyPlus movie "diving with dolphins".

Image: By courtesy of Helen Sampson

07.-12.12.2019: World Marine Mammal Conference in Barcelona: Dolphin Watch Alliance president Angela Ziltener talked about "Let sleeping dolphins swim: characterizing sleeping behaviour in Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins in the Northern Red Sea, Egypt" in the behavioral ecology l session and "Dolphin conservation efforts and management in the Red Sea, Egypt" in the workshop called Managing Marine Mammal Tourism. DWA scientific advisor Sina Kreicker presented the poster "Human-related and natural body scars in dolphins off Hurghada, Northern Red Sea, Egypt".

Angela Ziltener at World Marine Mammal Conference in Barcelona
Let sleeping dolphins swim: characterizing sleeping behaviour in Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins in the Northern Red Sea, Egypt
DWA scientific advisor Sina Kreicker

03.11.2019: Our biologist Angela Ziltener presented at the science city days for the public on the ETH Zurich our dolphin research and conservation efforts in the Red Sea.


Dolphin research in the Red Sea
Science City Days at ETH Zurich
Talk about dolphin protection

16.11.2019: Studying at the Red Sea the students of the Water Engineering department of the TUB Campus El Gouna went on a trip with biologist Angela Ziltener and research guest on the Campus El Gouna. The excursion was not only meant to spend a good time on the Red Sea but also about raising awareness about the surrounding of the marine life like dolphins. The crew of the boat “Amelie” (http://ameliesafari.com) was also very supportive during the trip and excellent in safety issues at sea.

Englisch  Students from the Water Department at TUB Campus El Gouna
Excursion with Angela Ziltener, guest researcher at the campus El Gouna
Dolphin Watch Alliance Excursion with the TUB El Gouna

03.11.2019: Also this year, Marcus Gisi and Sandra Gross joined the “10 years Unterwasserfestival in Gossau” and spread awareness about dolphins and other marine life.

Unterwasserfestival in Gossau
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